Safe holiday in Trapani

Safety measures to guarantee you a peaceful holiday

Vacanza Sicura

Our commitment to your health: we have adopted the main safety protocols, in compliance with health and hygiene regulations, also thanks to the commitment of our employees and the large spaces available on site.

Trapani: the destination for your safe holiday

Trapani and the whole area of western Sicily have remained on the edge of the global coronavirus pandemic. During the first wave (winter and spring 2020) there were very few cases and Trapani was the first Italian province in which there were no case for over 28 days, between April and May 2020. The summer 2020 was lived in a "traditional" way, always respecting the main anti-contagion rules.

Among the factors that had a positive effect in containing the infection at the local level there were the measures and restrictions adopted but also some "natural" factors: levels of temperature and humidity incompatible with the proliferation of the virus, the highest wind index and average sun hours in Italy. They are the opposite conditions that favor contagion between human beings.

Scientists have recently proved that UV rays are able to kill the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus. As the seasons change, the ultraviolet rays produced by the sun can inactivate the virus present in the aerosol. Trapani and the Trapani area record the average solar UV index among the highest in Europe. In fact, it constitutes one of the most "safe" and protected areas of the world.

During 2021 the pandemic trend in Trapani was similar to that of last year. Thanks to vaccinations and the green pass, it was also possible to reduce the impact of seasonal cycles. In 2022, a return to normal is expected as early as spring.

Our commitment and our protocol

Thanks to the characteristics of the building and the common areas, guests of Qui Vicino can benefit from large spaces and reserved areas, the ideal scenario to ensure the containment of the contagion also and above all in indoor places.
Nonetheless, in accordance with national guidelines, we take specific measures necessary to make our guests' stay even safer:

  • Cleaning and sanitizing common areas: it is one of our strengths, with periodic interventions in common areas
  • Private rooms: they are scrupulously sanitized at the change of each guest, with periodic interventions by our housekeepers (safety devices, insulating materials, etc.), with the possibility of additional cleaning during the stay
  • Obligation to use the mask: to access the structure and in the common areas, the use of the mask is mandatory.
  • Columns for disinfection: columns for hand disinfection are available inside, as well information material on the rules of conduct
  • Staff with PPE: all staff are equipped with safety devices such as masks (mouth / nose) and disposable gloves (which can also be purchased by guests at the reception)
  • Self catering and food delivery services: meals can be consumed independently in the structure, even at the equipped terrace, thanks to a selection of affiliated area operators guaranteed by us

We have also adopted a commercial policy able to satisfy those who want to "guarantee" their reservation, protecting themselves from sudden restrictions:

FLEXIBLE CANCELLATION: you can cancel the reservation up to 5 days before the arrival date (21 days in high and very high season).

INSURED RATE: you can request the "besafe" rate, which includes travel insurance.

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