Trapani to be discovered

Like in a history book, to be read and leafed through.

Discovering Trapani and its beauties Take advantage of our location to visit Trapani

Discovering Trapani

Qui Vicino is located in a strategic and central position, within walking distance from the old town of Trapani: it is the ideal choice to visit Trapani and discover its small and large treasures in a short time, from historical monuments to the Saline Reserve, from the Baroque churches to the historical center of Erice

Discovering Trapani

A history book to leaf through, "between seas and winds"

Trapani was a crossroads of people, populations and cultures. It is a city with a thousand-year history, with rich food and wine traditions and a strategic geographical position in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. Trapani has welcomed and hosted since its foundation, it has historically been open to different cultures and populations that have always left their mark (in the urban fabric,culture, traditions and language). Trapani is like a history book: to be read, leafed through and studied by getting lost in its narrow streets and alleys, discovering styles and monuments from different eras. It has three important locations directly connected and correlated with it: the Saline Reserve to the south, the "sacred" mountain of Erice to the east, the Marine Protected Area of the Egadi Islands to the west .

Below we try to tell and suggest some historical-cultural, naturalistic and seaside nature itineraries not to be missed during a holiday in Trapani. They are all easily achievable by choosing Qui Vicino as a base, thanks to a strategic and central position, in the heart of the city of Trapani.

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Tour in the old town

Having a walk in the old town of Trapani, along the main streets or through the secondary alleys, is certainly one of the experiences to recommend for discovering in an original and fun way the many treasures that enrich the "old" city, from the suggestive walls on the sea to the Baroque nobility palaces, from Art Nouveau buildings to ancient churches with gleaming domes.
You can have a walk that enriches and relaxes, among some panoramic corners of the sea and the narrow alleys of the historic districts. It is the ideal solution to visit the city and appreciate its monuments and historic buildings.
Some ideas to admire the small and large treasures located in the historic center of Trapani: Palazzo delle Poste Centrali and Palazzo D’Alì; Via Garibaldi, the historic “Rua Nova”; Piazza Ex Mercato del Pesce; Palazzo Senatorio; Porta Oscura and Clock Tower; Church of the Jesuit College; Cathedral of San Lorenzo; Walls of Tramontana and Porta Botteghelle; Church of San Francesco d’Assisi; Church of San Pietro and Monumental Organ

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Discovering Trapani and its beauties Take advantage of our location to visit Trapani - 1

Visit of museums

You can visit three museums in the historic center of Trapani - Torre Ligny museum, La Salerniana contemporary art gallery, San Rocco museum complex - and the Pepoli Regional Museum, as well Chiesa delle Anime Sante del Purgatorio which houses the "Mysteries of Trapani". Trapani is perfect for art and culture lovers, for those who want to spend moments of study and cultural growth during their holiday, discovering palaces and historical monuments. The tour of the museums of Trapani is a highly recommended experience.
To visit alone or with families, even if only for a few hours, you can move from one place to another even on foot, appreciating along the way the jewels of Trapani architecture, from Gothic to Baroque, from Art Nouveau to Modernism.

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Discovering Trapani and its beauties Take advantage of our location to visit Trapani - 1

From a beach to another one

Trapani offers several stretches of coastline, also in the old town, just outside the ancient walls. From the end of April our guests will be able to have a swim and/or enjoy a few hours of relaxation on the beach. You can choose between beach and rocks, free or private beaches with beach clubs.
From west to east, you can find some coves and beaches from Torre Ligny to Piazza Vittorio, until the large beach and beach clubs located in Erice.

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Discovering Trapani and its beauties Take advantage of our location to visit Trapani - 1

Southwards, among salt pans and windmills

Among windmills, water basins that change color, piles of salt and hundreds of bird species including the characteristic pink flamingos, we suggest an itinerary that starts a few kilometers from Trapani, along the west coast of western Sicily. You will discover ancient crafts, extraordinary habitats, sustainable formulas of coexistence between man and nature and breathtaking sunsets.

The first stop on the salt route is certainly the Nubia Salt Museum, inside the "Saline Culcasi". It is a 300-year-old house where the phases of salt processing are illustrated and some tools used for extraction and harvesting are kept. The explanatory panels on the walls and the photos of the salt workers contribute to immerse the visitor in the world of the salt pans and to bring him closer to a profession with times and rites that was handed down from father to son. The visit is also completed by a walk along the banks of the salt pans, up to the coast and to the suggestive tower of Nubia.

A panorama to be enjoyed even at sunset, when everything becomes red and the pools are transformed into mirrors, giving unique color contrast. A must-do experience, also thanks to the very short distance from "Qui Vicino", just 15 minutes by car (just over 8 kilometers).

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