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Around Trapani

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Western Sicily

Sicily is a wonderful land, an island full of treasures in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. The western part of the island, the province of Trapani, is full of tourist and cultural destinations not to be missed

Around western Sicily

Cities, parks, nature reserves, beaches and much more

Sicily is the land where fascinating and mysterious places, historic towns, remains of ancient civilizations coexist within a few kilometers. Sicily is a land capable of giving strong emotions. By choosing "Qui Vicino" as a base for your holiday, you can easily visit all the main tourist destinations, from nature reserves and parks, to archaeological parks and sites of cultural interest, from Erice to San Vito Lo Capo, as well the Egadi Islands, the park of Segesta,Scopello Castellammare del Golfo, Palermo.

Below we try to suggest some itineraries, you can do both independently and autonomously and through our assistance, with a tour leader or guide.

Around Trapani Discover the suggested itineraries in western Sicily - 1

Going up to Erice, the mountain of Venus

A stay in Trapani cannot end without having first made a quick trip to Erice, the ancient religious capital of the mythical people of the Elimi, the sacred mountain thanks to the presence of the temple dedicated to Venus.

Erice will amaze you with the beauty of its buildings and churches, the suggestion of the narrow streets and ancient walls, the typical sweets and handicraft products, such as carpets and ceramics. You can enjoy wonderful views during the trip to the top by using the cable car.

We propose an itinerary including a return ticket for the panoramic cableway with a taxi transfer to the valley station, so as to optimize time and enjoy the experience without any inconvenience.

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Around Trapani Discover the suggested itineraries in western Sicily - 1

Egadi tour

About 7 km from the west coast of Sicily, between Trapani and Marsala, the archipelago of the Egadi Islands is a natural paradise in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. It houses the largest marine protected area in Europe. The main islands, Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo, attract many tourists eager to enjoy the sea and breathtaking landscapes.

There are several places to visit on the Egadi Islands, such as the Florio establishment, the underground gardens, the beautiful and famous beaches of Cala Rossa, Cala Azzurra and Lido Burrone in Favignana ; the Grotta del Genovese, the stacks, Capo Grosso and the beaches of Cala Minnola and Cala Cold in Levanzo ; the castle of Punta Troia, the Roman houses, the lighthouse of Punta Libeccio and all the wonderful caves along the coast of Marettimo.

Thanks to the proximity of the embarkation docks, by choosing Qui Vicino for your holiday in Trapani, you can easily reach and visit the Egadi Islands:

  • A day trip by boat to Levanzo and Favignana, to enjoy diving and sunbathing
  • A daily bicycle tour in Favignana
  • A day of trekking and snorkeling on the island of Levanzo
  • A tour of the island of Marettimo with a visit to the sea caves

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Around Trapani Discover the suggested itineraries in western Sicily - 1

The sea route, towards San Vito Lo Capo

Moving eastwards from Trapani, you reach several small seaside resorts. From the seafront of Erice, with its free beaches and beach clubs to the coves of Pizzolungo and Bonagia, the gulf that goes from Lido Valderice to the Monte Cofano Reserve, with two large beaches of Rio Forgia and Cala Bukuto. Behind Monte Cofano, after a few minutes you reach the suggestive Gulf of Macari, where there are the beautiful beaches and coves of Baia Santa Margherita.

Finally, just beyond Macari, you reach San Vito lo Capo, one of the most famous seaside destinations in western Sicily. It is famous for its long beach with golden sand and crystal clear sea. In addition to the sea and beaches, San Vito Lo Capo is ideal for water sports lovers such as scuba diving or snorkeling or for those who want to organize boat trips. In San Vito Lo Capo and its surroundings: the lighthouse, the tuna traps, the “Sanctuary Fortezza”, the Chapel of Santa Crescenzia cannot be missed.

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